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Wedding Social Distancing Wristbands - Make your guests feel comfortable!

Let's face it Covid-19 in 2020 for couples getting married as been a huge issue and quite frankly sucked!

What should been a happy life event has turned into many tears shed with canceled dates, changes in venues and often smaller guest lists.  Now that these events are happening again while Covid is still on the loose, how should couples help make their special day easily enjoyed by their variety of guests

Wedding Wristbands for Social Distancing

Not everyone can muster up the budget for on-site rapid COVID-19 testing and seating guests by family or pod, so many are using the latest trend of color-coding wristbands that outwardly express comfort levels. This system allows guests to, quite literally, read the room. Here is a breakdown of suggested  colors and their meaning.

  • Red: "Gonna wave from six feet"
  • Yellow: "Ok with talking but not touching"
  • Green: "Okay with Hugs and High Fives!”

While the wording you choose may be different, the general meaning is the key to setting your group of guests expectations for how to enjoy your day while being aware of others social distancing preferences.

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